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    Choice of type of digital pressure gauge

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    The selection of digital pressure gauge should be based on the requirements of pressure measurement in the process of production, the nature of the measured medium, the field environmental conditions and so on to consider the type, range and accuracy of the meter. And determine whether additional devices such as remote transmission and alarm are needed. Only in this way can economic, reasonable and effective objectives be achieved.

    When selecting the digital pressure gauge, the first consideration should be given to the properties of the measured medium, such as its temperature, viscosity, corrosion, flammable and explosive properties, etc., in order to select the appropriate instrument. For dilute nitric acid, acid, ammonia and other corrosive media, can choose stainless steel diaphragm corrosion pressure gauge; Diaphragm pressure gauge should be used for easy crystallization and high viscosity medium; Medium such as oxygen, ammonia, hydrogen, acetylene, sulfur should be selected special pressure gauge, because the oxygen pressure gauge forbidden oil, oil into the oxygen system easy to cause explosion, and should use carbon steel, measuring acetylene pressure gauge generally choose brass elastic material, measuring hydrogen sulfide pressure gauge, using molybdenum stainless steel and other corrosion resistant elastic material.

    Second, consider the conditions of the site. For hot and humid environment, tropical pressure gauge should be used. Vibration environment, should use the anti - vibration pressure gauge; Flammable and explosive environment, should use explosion-proof pressure gauge; Corrosive environment, should choose anti - corrosion pressure gauge.

    According to the requirements of pressure measurement, the type of digital pressure gauge is selected by using field indicating pressure gauge, remote indicating pressure sensor or pressure transmitter for control.

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