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    Ma'anshan Haoyu Instrument Co.,Ltd. was established in 2000.It is a professional productionof automotive instrument of limited liability company. Company locates in Wuxi industrial park,Dangtu, Maanshan .It covers an area of over 10000 square meters, it has more 50 million yuan infixed assets. Improve the production equipment and testing equipment, production and technicalskill, the main products involve automotive barometer, pressure gauge, fuel gauge, movements,hardwares and so on. In recent years, the sales revenue is booming, such as the Rising Sun. Haoyupeople know that the only truth is the market quality, the company has strong technical force,superb production technology and improve the scientific management system, long-terminvestment in R & D and industrial design focus, so that our products in terms of performance orhave the appearance and rapid development, design and precision manufacturing processensures the good quality of our products has always been a leader. Market decides the fate of theenterprise, customers decide to develop the enterprise. Company focus on the need of thecustomer , to satisfy customer's requirements, with the continuous improvement of customer'ssatisfaction, the company's development is getting better. The company now has dozens ofcustomers, more than two hundred employees , dozens of high-tech employees. Haoyu peoplebelieve: Because of the community's support and  help, Haoyu people will go With firmsteps,towards a new glory.We are together with our customers, and ready to create a betterfuture!

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